5 Easy Home Remedies for Acne

When I was growing up I was lucky – not because I didn’t suffer from acne, but because I had a relative that was also well versed in natural and herbal medicines. Now this may not seem out of the ordinary today since there has been a renewed interest in natural medicines, but in the late 70s it was rather uncommon. Using these simple  home acne remedies I was able to keep my skin in check through my teen years. They are still as relevant today as they were when I was a teen.

Dos and Don’ts

Before we start, I’m going to cover a few basics to help you get the most out of any of treatments you do choose to use.

  1. First, and most important – DO NOT SQUEEZE! No, really, I mean it. When you squeeze a pimple there is the potential for you to push surface bacteria further into your already inflamed pores. This can spread bacteria causing more acne, can lead to infection, and in some cas
    es scaring.
  2. Wash your face, or other affected area gently and thoroughly before applying any acne treatment. This is applicable for both over-the-counter and home remedy treatments.
  3. When using non-prescription medicated creams, lotions, soaps or gels always read the label carefully to make sure you are using it correctly and for maximum benefit.
  4. Avoid products that contain oils but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t moisturize your skin. You should always use a light, water-based skin care product to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Use Common Household Ingredients

Honey: Dab a small amount of honey on your pimple before bed. You might want to cover with a bandage to keep the honey in place and reduce messy smudges.

Fresh garlic: Peel a fresh clove and cut it in half. Rub the cut side on your pimple. This is one of the smellier remedies, but is also one of the most effective.

Non-gel Toothpaste: Dab a small bit of toothpaste on your pimple before bed. As the toothpaste dries out it will also dry out your pimple. Try not to get any toothpaste on the surrounding skin because it will dry that out too.

tea tree blossom

Tea Tree Blossom

Tea Tree Oil or Witch Hazel: As soon as you feel a pimple coming on, dab the area with tea tree oil or witch hazel. Both of these are anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal. (You can find these at any pharmacy or large department store.)

Cucumber: Fresh cucumber has been used for skin care for a very long time. Not only does it help to purify the skin, it is also a powerful astringent

Be Realistic

It is important to remember that there is no miracle cure for getting rid of acne. It takes time and patience for an eruption to heal. It is also important to remember that everyone has different skin and skin needs, what works for your friend might not work for you. And sometimes, home remedies are just not enough. If you are suffering from severe acne don’t just assume it’s a fact of life, consult a dermatologist.

The Correct Way to Pop a Pimple

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